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Alibi 8-Camera 2.1 Megapixel 65' IR HD-TVI Hybrid+ Outdoor Security Camera System SYS3108HTE


Unique Hybrid+ technology supports analog and HD-TVI cameras, plus IP for complete flexibility

  • 2.1 megapixel HD-TVI turret dome security cameras provide 1080p full-HD video
  • Integrated IR array lets the cameras see up to 65' in complete darkness
  • Smart IR technology reduces IR over-exposure at the center of the image
  • Hybrid+ DVR works with HD-TVI, analog, and Alibi IP cameras
  • Supports up to 8 cameras: 8x analog and/or HD-TVI (any combination), 1x Alibi 720p IP camera can replace 1x analog channel
  • DVR records 720p HD video @ 30 fps per channel, 1080p full HD video @ 12 fps per channel
  • DVR supports the following camera resolutions: CIF/D1/960H/720p/1080p
  • HD-TVI technology transmits zero latency HD video
  • DVR offers multiple recording modes (continuous, motion detection, schedule)
  • H.264 video compression to save hard drive storage space
  • 1TB hard drive for video storage
  • HDMI and VGA monitor outputs for convenient viewing
  • Free Alibi Witness mobile app for viewing live and recorded video remotely

    This Hybrid+ video surveillance solution offers complete flexibility—enabling you to use analog security cameras and take advantage of the latest HD and IP technology.

    The SYS3108HTE Alibi 8-camera 2.1 megapixel HD-TVI Hybrid+ Security System provides a user-friendly, high-resolution recording solution for watching over your business, around-the-clock.

    At the heart of this video security system is an 8-channel Hybrid+ DVR that supports HD-TVI and analog cameras, plus a single Alibi 720p IP camera (up to the total allotted 8-camera limit for the various technologies.

    The Hybrid+ DVR has an IP camera finder tool that allows you to find, configure, and connect any Alibi 720p IP camera. Note: The Hybrid+ DVR supports a single Alibi 720p IP camera that replaces one analog channel.

    You can combine camera technologies to meet your surveillance needs. For example:

    • 8x analog cameras
    • 8x HD-TVI cameras
    • 4x analog cameras and 4x HD-TVI cameras
    • 6x analog cameras, 1x HD-TVI camera and 1x Alibi 720p IP camera
    • 7x HD-TVI cameras and 1x Alibi 720p IP camera

    When used with 960H analog cameras, this hybrid DVR offers both 960H high-resolution live viewing and recording (33% more detail than standard D1 DVRs).

    When used with HD-TVI or an Alibi IP camera, this hybrid DVR offers 720p at 30 frames per second per channel and 1080p full HD resolution at 12 frames per second per channel. You can set the recording resolution on a per-camera basis to meet your surveillance needs.

    Along with delivering, HD resolution video, HD-TVI technology can send zero-latency HD video over RG59 coax, or any standard analog shielded CCTV cabling—up to 1600'.

    The DVR features a powerful, intuitive user interface with a host of smart features, including:

    • Intelligent recording – Define continuous, motion detection, or scheduled recording per camera.
    • Smart tags – Create tags that represent events of interest (such as “shoplifting”) and search your video library to quickly access all tagged events at a later time.
    • Smart search – Define an area within your image and search for motion only within that area – to quickly locate video of a new/missing object, or events in a specific location.
    • 5-minute instant playback – At the touch of a button, replay the last 5 minutes of recorded video for quick reference.
    • Smart lock – Protect defined video clips from being erased or recorded over.
    • Real-time alarms – For motion detection, video tampering detection and video loss.
    • External search – Search video that has been offloaded to a USB drive.

    Included with the security system are eight Alibi 2.1 megapixel 1080p HD-TVI 65′ IR turret dome security cameras. The 2.1 megapixel HD-TVI cameras use a 1/3″ CMOS image sensor to deliver 1920x1080 (1080p) full-HD resolution video.

    HD-TVI technology transmits zero latency HD video over RG59 coax or any standard analog CCTV cabling up to 1600'.

    The cameras feature a 3.6 mm wide angle lens with a 90° viewing angle viewing angle for coverage of large areas.

    The cameras are equipped with an integrated IR array that enables them to see up to 65' in the dark. Smart IR technology prevents the IR LEDs from over exposing the center of the image and washing out the subject at closer ranges.

    The outdoor turret dome surveillance cameras feature a 14°F ~ 122°F temperature operating range which ensures the cameras operate without interruption in variable weather conditions. IP66 weather-rated housing offers protection from small particles such as dust and sand, as well as rain, sleet, rain, and snow.

    The 8-camera Hybrid+ video security system includes a 1TB hard drive for video storage.

    Live and recorded video can be viewed remotely—from anywhere, via a web browser, or with a free downloadable Alibi Witness mobile app.

    Peace-of-Mind, Guaranteed!

    All Alibi purchases are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, unlimited US-based technical support, and our Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty.

    What is an Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty?

    Our Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty covers your entire purchase, with no asterisks and no exceptions! The warranty covers all Alibi camera and recorder hardware and components, and pre-installed hard drives. If you have an issue, we provide unlimited technical support – and manage all returns and exchanges directly, minimizing unnecessary downtime.

    What’s Covered by the Warranty?

    • DVRS:  physical recorders, components, fans, and pre-installed hard drives
    • Cameras:  imagers, components, built-in IR illuminators, and housings
    • PTZ Cameras:  imagers, components, pan/tilt motors, and housings
    • All Technologies:  analog, HD-TVI, and IP

    Learn more about the Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty

    Don’t forget to add a monitor to complete your video security system!

    What’s Included:

    • (1) 8-channel HD-TVI Hybrid+ DVR
    • (8) 2.1 megapixel HD-TVI 65′ IR turret dome security cameras
    • (1) 1TB hard drive
    • (8) Power supplies
    • (8) 60′ integrated video/power cables
    • (1) HDMI cable
    • (1) USB mouse
    • (1) Remote control
    • (1) Quick start guide
    • (1) Warning decal
    • (1) Instruction manual

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